Dressing warm and stylish during winter - shawl edition

Being a Michigan native, I have had a lot of experience dressing for the cold winter season. Planning outfits can be hard in winter when you are wanting to be comfortable, warm, and yet stylish. In this post I will be giving a few tips about dressing warm with a shawl! Read along with my other blogs for more fashion tips!

Layering Shawls.

One of my favorite items to layer is a good old shawl. Shawls are big, they are flowy, and drape right over your shoulders. When layering shawls, they don’t get chunky and bulky and make you uncomfortable, they are loose and feel like a blanket laying over you! Getting a little turtleneck and grabbing a light sweater are perfect for layering with a shawl, they give it a cute look and keep you extra warm!


The Blue and Green Shawl.

The shawl we are demonstrating today, is one of my favorites. The colors of this are just gorgeous, they give a moody wintery look and then they add the plaid pattern that makes it even cuter! A big thing every one is looking for now day os having pockets, and this shawl has them. There are two big pockets right in front and they really pull the whole piece together and give it that extra something!

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Winter season can make you not want to take the time to style yourself up. That’s why I’m here to give a few tips and motivate you to continue to treat yourself and style yourself up in the morning! Follow along with more tips and cute clothing pieces!