Three ways to style a t-shirt

Finding different ways to style one item in your closet can help maximize all the different possibilities with your clothing. It helps stretch your closet wider while having less items in

The first way way to style this top is with a cheetah turtleneck underneath. Turtlenecks are a perfect addition to so many outfits. A turtleneck with this shirt helps you be able to wear it even in the colder

The second way to style this t-shirt, would be by pairing it with a cute Jean skirt. Tucking this top into a skirt gives it a fancier approach, if you don’t have a Jean skirt pairing it with a black or solid color would be great as well!

The third and final way to style this shirt is with some mom jeans and a cardigan. Layering up is always a yes when you are styling an outfit. Mom jeans are a perfect fit with any t-shirt and are super in style right now, adding this oversized cardigan gives another type of style to this simple

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