Three ways to style a turtleneck

Number 1- The dressy turtleneck 

The first way I would style a turtleneck is under a tank top dress! If you are looking to spice up your simple, solid color dress, throw on a patterned turtleneck underneath! If you want to wear your tank top dresses during winter, a simple turtleneck underneath is perfect for keeping you warm! 

Number 2 - The turtleneck and tee combo 

The second way to put your turtleneck to use, is by putting it on under your fav tee! This seems to dress up your tee & make it seem more stylish! Not only is it cute, but it keeps you warmer than just having your T-shirt on.

Number 3 - The simple yet classy turtleneck

The third and final way I style my turtleneck is, simply wearing it with high waisted jeans! You can’t go wrong with the classy look of your turtleneck tucked into high waisted, ripped mom jeans!

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